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I did find this on youtube, but no details as to its provenance
If it's from the Met performance, I can't find anymore of it elsewhere. The recording here picks up quite a heavy beat in Ludwig's voice, which I've never heard before in anything else she did. She is on record as saying she didn't really gel with Berlioz's music.

There's more than one live performance of Les Troyens knocking around with Vickers as Enée. I have one from Covent Garden at which Janet Baker stood in for an ailing Josephone Veasey. Baker was performing Didon with Scottish Opera at the time, but they were doing the opera in English, so she sings in English whilst the rest of the cast sing in French. Nonetheless she is a superb Didon.

There is a Prêtre recording (a radio broadcast) with Verrett as Didon, Horne as Cassandre and Gedda as Enéee. Unfortunately it is savagely cut and Prêtre has no idea whatsoever how to conduct Berlioz.

Ludwig is on a recording from Vienna conducted by Ger Albrecht with Helga Dernesch as Cassandre and Guy Chauvet as Enée, but I haven't heard this one.
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