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Let's talk Tristan und Isolde.....................

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Always controversial.
Why do you like it or hate it?

It's sometimes called the greatest opera ever.

What makes it so compelling?
It really grabs me. Those chords opening Act 3 , sounding and wafting upwards always grip me.

What are it's meanings? What is its power? Is the power of the potion real or just an excuse?

What makes it the iconic work that it is on a musical and psychological level?
Wagner said a truly great performance would drive you mad.
Conductors have died conducting it. Karajan said he needed to come up with another way to conduct it.

Lovers of this opera.............let's talk Tristan.:)
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Is there any DVD out there that has Isolde holding Tristan in her arms as she dies as Wagner intended?
The ones I've seen are awful.
You may not like this video of "love death" but I find so visually compelling and abstractly captures the songs essence.

Notice the human carnage all around the room that resulted from this ill fated love, then sharply contrasted by the slowly rising expanded consciousness and enlightened vision of pure love fully consummated outside this mortal world, waves of music wash over her, as the intensity grows the camera tightens in till the growing golden pure light consumes our heroine as she fully surrenders to its irresistible pull......glorious visual!

No one can capture the beautiful otherworldly rapture and spiritual release like Waltraud Meier.........

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. No information on the year or under who's baton this is, but this recording of the Narration and Curse with Flagstad is the most astonishing I've ever heard, and I have heard some great ones by Nilsson, Varnay, Traubel, Jones, Eaglen and the stereo with Flagstad. She is so passionate! During the curse she sings the most overwhelmingly large note I have ever heard by any singer. You have to hear it to believe it. She was reputed to have the largest voice of any soprano, but normally she would coast by in 3rd and 4th gear and still be overwhelming. Here she let it all hang out and used her 7th gear!!!! I kid you not! Even on the old 78 equipment. I did a speech on this in my Toastmasters club that is on Youtube. John
Pretty sure that Flagstad version is from 1948 EMI (abbey road studios) studio recording session along with Liebestod from Tristan, on CD very cheap on various releases.......also valuable Wesendonck Lieder

The conducting by Dobrowen is the clue :)

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I'm a big fan of the PristineClassical remasters of historical recordings, I have the remasters of the 1942 Furtwängler Beethoven Ninth, 1954 Furtwängler Lucerne Beethoven Ninth (the final Ninth that he performed), the Toscanini 1952 Beethoven Ninth, and Toscanini Brahms cycle. They're all top notch remasters, I was wondering if anyone knows if Pristine has ever remastered the legendary 1952 Furtwängler Tristan und Isolde with Suthaus and Flagstad. Thanks!

Yes it is a magnificent remaster by Pristine XR, even though the EMI is good mono studio sound it is easily surpassed in all respects by Pristine XR with ambient have never heard Flagstad sound this good, so much insight into her vocal technique and tonal shadings, essential buy

Same comments for 50 Furtwangler Ring (la scala) with Flagstad's Brunnhilde performance, amazing sound quality now in Pristine XR
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