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Let's talk Tristan und Isolde.....................

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Always controversial.
Why do you like it or hate it?

It's sometimes called the greatest opera ever.

What makes it so compelling?
It really grabs me. Those chords opening Act 3 , sounding and wafting upwards always grip me.

What are it's meanings? What is its power? Is the power of the potion real or just an excuse?

What makes it the iconic work that it is on a musical and psychological level?
Wagner said a truly great performance would drive you mad.
Conductors have died conducting it. Karajan said he needed to come up with another way to conduct it.

Lovers of this opera.............let's talk Tristan.:)
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Trsitan und Isolde is one of but a few operas that I might think of as the single greatest opera ever composed... depending on the day of the week. :lol:

I have four or five recordings including the Pappano, Furtwangler, Kleiber, Barenboim, and the Karajan studio recording. I must check out the live version from the 1950s if it is ever released in a decent form.
Ack!!! Silly me. I searched Amazon under "Tristan und Isolde Karajan 1952" and all I got were some questionable and high-priced OOP recordings. Broadening the search to "Tristan und Isolde Karajan" you find several releases as well as a 1959 La Scala recording with Karajan:

Another recording added to the "wish list".

Perhaps I can convince the wife that I bought it for her for Valentines Day. :devil:
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