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This is something a couple of us stumbled upon recently. I always thought this was easy. You go to the post, click the #number symbol in the right upper corner, and you get the url to link to. Simple, right? Wrong. The url you get as we found out depends on your own settings with respect to how many posts you want to see on one page. The solution, found by StevhamNY, is relatively simple - you just tweak the url generated by clicking the #number symbol, by replacing the number (page number!) before the html in the url by the post number.

As an example, from the weekly quartet thread in which this was discovered (link), we want to link to Josquin13's post about Barber, post 3490 in the thread.

The simple method (just clicking the #number symbol in the right upper corner) yields (for me!):

The 88 before the html is the page number - but for my setting of posts per page. So this does not work for others with a different setting.

Now we copy/paste the post number at the end over the page number, and we have a universal link:

Note that clicking this link will lead to the correct post, but generates the url with the pagination as in the setting.

Confused? You wont be if you try it. :)

ETA: StevehamNY has found an even simpler way: right click on the #number symbol in the right upper corner and select copy link - and paste where you want it. :)

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These workarounds are extremely helpful.

Maybe we might create a sticky for helpful hints ... or a self help sub forum just for hints that can be verified.

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I like the idea of a locked sticky with various solutions, with links to the threads in which these issues were discussed. That way, the answers are available directly, and people can click the link for the discussions if they want to.

Topics could include:

- How do I post a picture
- How do I exclude forums from unread posts
- How do I link to a post

There are probably others, and we can add as they come up.
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