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Loaning Your Collection?

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Do you like to loan albums from your collection to a family member, friend, neighbour, colleague or acquaintance? If you don't have physical albums, then do you like to share or loan the drive or device they are on (or whatever would be equivalent to physically loaning)?

How about books? Do you like loaning them?

I view my collection as a collection (we did the collection thread a while back). I don't like to loan out an album, just as I wouldn't like to loan out a stamp from a philatelic collection or a coin from a numismatic collection. It's a collection. Similarly with my personal library (I no longer have many books, since I use the internet and the public library, mostly, but I do have a small and specialized collection of primarily reference materials). I don't like to loan. It is a personal collection and not a lending library. I don't have the necessary infrastructure or funding to be able to keep track of check outs and check ins and due dates and replacement due to loss or abuse or wear and tear.

Nowadays, it is easy to refer someone to an online source for the item, so not liking to loan is not such a stigma as it once seemed, I think.

What do you think?
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It seems the experiences are similar to mine, though thankfully not recent ones. There seem to be two types of people: those who buy and own stuff; and those who save their money and use stuff that belongs to others.

Yes, I used to really hate having friends and associates over who would borrow books that they might get around to reading in the next few decades and those who kept albums for so long that my patience was worn out from embarrassedly asking for weeks on end to return my stuff only to finally receive it in very poor condition :mad:
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