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We are always blown away by all of our talented applicants, we cannot wait to see what's to come for this season.

So, what is London Young Musician?
You may be here wondering exactly what London Young Musician is. It is a competition which is dedicated to celebrating and supporting the worldwide learning and creation of classical music. London Young Musician is open to players of all classical music instruments and classic vocalists under the age of 28. Another thing to note is that the seasonal competition is completely online based, so applicants will not have to worry about any travel, especially given the current situation. We are amazed by how many passionate and talented musicians we have been fortunate enough to see.

How do you enter?
The London Young Musician offers 21 subcategories that you can enter, so you can find the one that best aligns with you! The three main categories are Performance Grades, Talent Artist Master, and Composition Groups. Within these, you can find subcategories ranging from age brackets of under 6's up to 28, beginner to advanced, and composition style. We offer a lot of variety so that you can play to your strengths! It is a fantastic opportunity to publicly highlight your talent and open yourself to a wider audience.
To enter you must record a video which you can submit to us by email or as a YouTube link. The video must be made in one take, but you can submit separate videos for different pieces. Your hands and face must be visible in the video. However, you can add subtitles and adjust the colours of the video if you need to. After that, just fill in the application form and pay the fees on our website. And that is it!

So, what happens if you win?
Jury members will give the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards to the best musicians in each category by video screening.
Winners of the seasonal award will receive an official e-certificate with adjudicators' comments. Gold Prize winners will feature in a video and have their name displayed in the 'Hall of Champions' on our website. There will also be a number of special prizes awarded to any candidate who demonstrated a unique side of themselves in their video entry. Two candidates will be awarded a full scholarship to participate in a 30-minute online masterclass with a professor from a music conservatory.

What comes next?
Then comes the exciting London Young Musician of The Year award!
Credit Award Points are given to all seasonal winners. Candidates can then use 6 of their points to enter into the London Young Musician Of The Year competition.
This annual award is given to the most outstanding performers from all the seasonal winners. Each of the jury members join a live video conference while the performances from each category are streamed. This competition is live streamed! The winners will receive various amazing prizes including a cash award, trophies, certificates, the opportunity to perform at a gala concert, an opportunity to publish with the True ART TV classic label, and interviews or reviews that will be published in the media. Lots of exciting awards on offer here! All the details for each tier will be on our website. Please note that because of the current pandemic, the 2020-2021 gala will unfortunately have to be held online.

Interested in sponsoring us?
We are very proud of our candidates and our competition, having consistently received positive feedback from entries and parents. We are also an innovative and esteemed competition, with our jury members having international classical music careers. By working with us, you will see growing publicity from our various social media channels and candidates who are with us long term. We are very keen to present and promote partners' brand to our followers and fans. Please get in touch if interested.

You can see the Season 3 announcement here:

If you are interested in applying for Season 3 of the London Young Musician Season 3, you follow the link below to apply:

Get in touch if you have any questions or queries!
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