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For a woman - Katherine
Katherine with a K might be a dislike for me. I deliberately changed it to a C when I went to register daughter's birth.

Least favourite veggies: Green beans
Wait a minute...aren't you Dutch? Or do have the wrong person? I have it on good authority that Dutch people love green beans!

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Favourite type of Sunday: Me in bed, propped up with a breakfast tray containing 'French toast' and good coffee and being at the peak part of a book.
Least desired kind of Sunday: Someone having the temerity to make an unannounced visit before noon and trying to drag me out somewhere.

Favourite non-work/non-leisure activities: Cleaning; gardening.
Least favourite: Personal admin.

Favourite types of holiday: Walking/cycling, low impact mountaineering, but also regular intervals having a sit-down in a restaurant or inn.
Worst idea of a holiday: Some noisy, frantic hole like one of the trendy hotspots (Canaries, 'Berlin') or where people just get hammered and see nothing but the inside of bars and pretend to be 'artists'.

Favourite alcoholic drink: Vermouth and Campari.
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Darjeeling tea.

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Favorite hair color - Red
Favorite Sports - American Football and boxing.
Favorite musical instruments - Harpsichord and baroque strings
Favorite Movie - Shawshank Redemption
Favorite TV show - Seinfeld
Favorite American President - George Washington
Favorite main course - Beef Tenderloin
Favorite Drink - Vodka on the rocks
Favorite Dog - Bulldog
Favorite Website - Talk Classical

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favorite way to spend time = playing instruments
favorite exercise is road cycling,
favorite food: fried seafood

least favorite way to spend time: sitting in front of a computer
least favorite exercise: any sort of organized anything
least favorite food: curry (sorry guys, I just dont like curry)

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Hate: people who go to the supermarket in winter wearing shorts and a t-shirt, because they stepped out of a 30°C house directly into a heated SUV. The only 'cold' bit being the 5 meter walk from the car to the supermarket.

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• Western culture
• cats
• Roger Scruton
• Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio, David, Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Dalí, Magritte, de Chirico, Kay Sage
• 'La Grande Bellezza' (film)
• Thomas Sowell (of course)
• objectivity
• Mystery Science Theater 3000
• polyphonic music: listening to, studying, composing
• '57 T-Birds
• Woody Allen
• rationality
• Brooklyn Dodgers
• David Horowitz
• root beer, preferably A & W on tap
• Original Pantry Café, downtown L.A.
• Paul Johnson
• saddle shoes
• chocolate malts
• button-down Oxford cloth shirts with regimental ties
• wing-tip shoes
• a great set of gams
• cross country (the sport)
• argyle socks
• Walter E. Williams
• 'L.A. Confidential' (film)
• Mickey Mantle

• relativism
• the Hollywood Bowl
• ugly art (such as the vast majority of 20th and 21st century art)
• bad manners
• trendiness and hipsters
• Los Angeles
• beets
• poorly behaved children in public, especially restaurants
• nihilism
• people under-dressing for concerts, weddings, funerals

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Old, steel 3-speed bicycles.
Old films
Old watches
Bureau desks
Writing with a substantial pen
Woollen scarves, especially with tartan patterns
Actual English blend tea. Not rubbish tea merely with the words 'English tea' on the packet.
Shiny brass reading lamps (I have two)
Flannel trousers
Porcelain cups
Mechanical clocks
Economic reality based upon actual facts
When the entire brass section plays in a live symphony orchestra
Catching the train outside rush hour and travelling through countryside
Church bells
Large paper dictionaries
Rain (when you're indoors)
Bordeaux wine
Glass paperweights
Citroën DS
My mp3 player
Large sheets of creamy-coloured manuscript paper
Barber's Shops (the aroma inside too)
Sunny spring days
Faint whiffs of perfume from a passing woman

I could go on (but won't)...

Smartphones in general, even though I use one as an e-reader sometimes.
People who talk loudly
People who slam the front door shut like they're trying to demolish it
People who go about spreading quackonomics, because they thumbed through one of Hayek's novels (or someone like him), yet don't have the faintest idea how a monetary economy actually works.
Fast food
Being offered beer in a bottle, but no glass
Sensationalist TV
Jordan Peterson and other like-minded bargain-basement gurus.
Cardboard boxes
Rain (when you're outdoors)
Junk mail
People who reach in front of your face at the supermarket or a shop
Neighbours having rowdy parties
Fairground rides
Prog Rock (apart from early Kraftwerk, and Focus)
Organised religion (though it turned out some decent churches)
Paddock jackets as a fashion item
People you don't know from Adam addressing you in a very informal way
Excessive mania for sporting events
The exaggerated pretence that clowns are 'scary'
People riding the wrong way up a one-way street
Tax dodgers
People who can barely go 9 months without having yet another house renovation
Being charged money for camping in the wilderness

I could go on (but I won't)...

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Classical Music
Animals (mostly Cats)
Travelling (mostly western US/Canada, Scarborough/Pickering in the Toronto Area)
Old films (Westerns, Horror)
Cigarettes (once a week, not a regular smoker)
Vietnamese Pho
Pizza, Burgers
Cheese (Blue, Firm Ripened)
Spring time
Afternoon naps

Durian Fruit
The office

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  • Winter+Autumn
  • Dark/Offensive Comedy
  • British dry humour
  • Sir David Attenborough
  • Brandy
  • Night
  • Overweight, lazy cats
  • Iced coffee
  • Stout beer
  • Japanese language (I don`t know any of it but love to listen to Japanese people speaking randomly)
  • Yoghurt
  • Boza
  • Most of the 20th&21st century Art&Music (Classical)

  • Summer+Spring
  • Horror+Action Films
  • Anything loud
  • Gin
  • Midday
  • Excessive brightness (esp. in Pubs and Restaurants)
  • Friends (sitcom)
  • Any form of smoking tobacco (esp. Hookah because of its culture)
  • IPA or anything too hoppy
  • Organised religion (Hat tip to Chat Noir)
  • Spicy&Hot food
  • Cauliflower
  • Rap&Hip-hop
  • American Post-Minimalists (esp. Philip Glass)
  • Ludovico Einaudi
  • Hans Zimmer
  • Plagiarism
  • Alma Deutscher`s dad
  • Conservatives who adopt certain aspects of Postmodern ethos when fighting/arguing against Postmodernism.

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Favourite savoury food - chicken & rice
Favourite dessert - apple crumble
Favourite cheese - cheddar

Least favourite savoury - tripe & parsnips (childhood horrors perpetrated by my WWII-generation mother!)
Least favourite dessert - bread & butter pudding (ditto)
Least favourite cheese - Caerphilly (Mum loved it!)
Oh, get the Ouija board out and have your mum cooking for us!

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I'm 100% Dutch, I love vegetables, but not any version of green beans. C'est la vie.
last time I was in holland they seemed to eat only mayonnaise and chips - der land* ohne decent grub.....

that was a while ago and I understand there has since been a population transplant and the nosh is better

* a lot of it propped up by stilts
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