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Already Respighi featured recorded sound to feature in "Pini di Roma" in 1924, the original score was amended with 78's with recordings of birds (don't remember the movement), there are cues in the score for when to play the records and for how long! (heard this recreated live at a memorial Respighi concert at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome conducted by the late Marcello Viotti many moons ago) :)

And here I always thought they used live birds for that music, with one virtuoso birdman to "play" the birds. Cage cover off -- birds sing; cage cover on -- silence.

Oh. Maybe that's Rautavaara who uses the live birds in, what is it? ... the Concerto for Birds and Orchestra (Cantus Arcticus)?

Or will you spoil things and tell me that score uses recorded birds, too?

Maybe the birds should unionize.

I wonder if Juilliard has a course on "bird performance"?
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