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Today marked the start of my Mahler summer: the Third Symphony at the Boulder MahlerFest XXXV. They made a big deal about this being the first US performance of the new Breitkopf performing edition, but from a listener standpoint it was nothing new.
Wonderful performance, led by Kenneth Woods. Not perfect, but for a pick up orchestra and a lot of non-professional players it was excellent. I was shocked to see the relatively small venue (Macky Hall on the UC Boulder campus) maybe 75% filled. Lots of people wearing masks, so maybe Covid kept people away.

Anyway, if you're in the southwest and have the time, this is the place to be for Mahler this summer:

July 20: the New York Philharmonic will do the 1st in Vail.
July 24: the NYP again does Mahler, this time the 6th
July 29/30: Grand Teton Festival does the 2nd.
July 31: Aspen Music Festival - again no. 1
August 7: Colorado Music Festival in Boulder gives no. 5
August 15: Aspen does no. 5

Not sure how many I'm going to make, with the current price of gas travelling is getting expensive! So Mahler lovers, let's get out and show the love and support these groups.
Hmm, I'm intrigued by the thought of hearing the 5th in August. Will have time off work then.
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