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I haven't bothered looking for an 8th as I rarely play that symphony.

I am tempted by Maazel's late Philharmonia set which has what many would consider 'glacial' tempos but from what I've sampled I find his vision interesting and worth considering
Re Maazel's live Philharmonia set (which I quite like), I attended the performance of the 8th, where one of the double-bassists fainted about 5 minutes from the end, her instrument clattering loudly to the floor as she slipped off her chair. There's no audible trace of this on the recording, as it happened precisely in the pause before the Chorus Mysticus was about to sing "Alles vergängliche", so it would have been an easy edit. Maazel didn't bat an eyelid and calmly held his baton aloft until the lady had been safely escorted off stage, then continued as if nothing had happened. Happily, the bassist concerned was perfectly fine afterwards.
1 - 1 of 51 Posts