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This is probably repeating lots of others, and might not add anything, but here is my $0.02.

Based on my Haitink, Bernstein I & II, Chailly, Bertini, Kubelik, Tennstedt, Boulez, Abbado (nearly all symphonies), Tilson Thomas (nearly all, again) cycles, there is not a single one that I consistently prefer. Moreover, some symphonies I listen to only rarely, so I am not sure my view on a whole cycle should count anyway.

That said, I will typically opt for Haitink, a conductor who I always enjoy. And Boulez because of the clarity and detail (to me). But I can occasionally choose Bernstein if I want emotional drama. Chailly's Mahler never really excites me. I once saw Chailly's Mahler described as (something like) "Mahler as dressage". That feels apt - it might be beautiful but it lacks emotional drive for me. I am ashamed to say that I have never really listened to Bertini and I rarely reach for Tilson Thomas these days, also.

If I really had to choose a cycle (which would not be nice to have to do), it would probably be Haitink or Boulez.
1 - 1 of 51 Posts