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Mendelssohn: The Gentle Giant

I would say Mendelssohn is the gentle giant of the Romantic era. He is powerful yet still retains a sense of gentleness and calm about him. A great example of this would have to be his Hebrides Overture, which I performed a few years back...
Yes Amy. Your words ring true. He was the Gentle Giant of Romanticism - A Classical Purist!
Two overtures of his prove your point -
1. Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage and
2. Hebrides - The Fingal's Cave.

The latter is one of the most haunting overtures ever written. Give me details when you say "performed few years back..."
I am an amateur conductor. I don't get much opportunity in Bombay and Secunderabad. I would love to perform the Hebrides and the Scotch Symphony of Mendelssohn. They always bring a flush of red to my cheeks.
Few days back, I was listening to a reading of both the Scottish Symphony and the Hebrides Overture on 78 RPMs by Sir Thomas Beecham and the London Philharmonic done in 1939. What a reading! It was superb even on the vintage.
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