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Meredith Monk

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In my opinion, she is the Rauschenberg of classical music composition.

Vocals and modal harmony is a brilliant mix from her.

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Ah, Meredith Monk's a legend in her own right - no need for spurious comparisons.
She's the Meredith Monk of classical music!

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This is a really groovin piece I know by her

Urban March
A wonderful composer. Her work combines music, theatre, and dance, and she is primarily known for her vocal innovations, including a wide range of extended techniques.

Some major works:

Atlas, An Opera in Three Parts for 18 voices 2 keyboards, clarinet, bass clarinet, sheng, bamboo sax, 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos, French horn, percussion, shawm (1991)
Turtle Dreams (Waltz) for 4 voices and 2 electric organs (1980)
Book of Days for 25 voices, synthesizer, piano or 7 voices, synthesizer (Chamber Version) (1985)
Possible Sky for orchestra and voices (commissioned by Michael Tilson Thomas for the New World Symphony, 2003)
Stringsongs for string quartet (commissioned by the Kronos Quartet, 2004)

Piano Songs is a studio album by pianists Bruce Brubaker and Ursula Oppens performing music composed by Meredith Monk, released on March 24, 2014 by ECM New Series.

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Thanks for this thread. I only heard one of her songs, where the lyrics were "I'm a needy woman. I'm a greedy woman." I thought the lyric was so trite, I never went beyond it. I guess I had a bad introduction.
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