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More depressing Bach works?

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I find much of Bach's music very lively, which is magnificent, but not quite my taste. I have only found one Bach piece I truly love--Partita no.2 in D minor-- and I am looking for more like it. If one could make a few suggestions, it would be most appreciated.
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I think the word "depressing" is the wrong word. Perhaps "serious" is more in tune with what the OP is looking for.
absolutely agree. The solo partita contains some of the most beautiful, uplifting music I have come across. It brightens up one's life ..... 'cleans the ears' as Kleiber is reported to have said.
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Some of the chorale preludes for organ are very dark, sad and lonely-sounding. Just the thing to have playing when you're confined to your bed with flu on a dark, wet winter day and your wife walks in with a gorgeous hunk twenty years younger than you with ripped abs and shoulder length hair and asks for a divorce.
you should worry when she walks in with a wrinkled wreck twenty years older than you with a pot belly and a comb-over, asks for a divorce and tells you that you can't stay in that bed any longer :lol:
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