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Mozart Quotes

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Friends, I need your help.
I would like to collect opinions or phrases given by great composers or great figures about Mozart or his work: Comments and comparisons with the work of other musicians.

I need them for a project at school, also to know the impact of Mozart on culture.

Thank you
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Well a biggie would be Haydn praising Mozart to his father (Leopold) that " your son is the greatest composer known to me, what's more has taste and refinement" that effect. You can google to get the exact best translation for your purpose.

Also, Leopold (scolded??) in a letter that Wolfgang was not aware just how good he was on the violin (Leopold was a violin teacher and wrote a book--guess one of his pupils---of course his children) and I think it was in referenced to WM that he was wasting his resources (what are parents for?). I do not have the time to look this up and memory is tricky but it is there somewhere but why Leopold was chastising his son I cannot remember the context.

BTW, I like these types of posts---as I am getting tired sometimes of reading the same ones over and over......
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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