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millionrainbows said:
I'd be satified if classical music is recognized openly for what it is: music by white males of the 18th century.
That's an obviously true fact about classical music, but making it the definition of classical music as you suggest:
If the definition of classical music is not recognized or spoken of as "music by white males of the 18th century," then this becomes a form of color blind racism.
is absurd, in my view. Of course classical music was largely created by white Europeans. I don't think anybody has disputed that fact or could. What some people have, rightly, in my view, objected to, is saying that that is either a) an important aspect of the aesthetic substance of classical music or b) a major factor in their enjoyment of classical music.

It would probably help if you clearly defined what you mean by "white music". Does that mean any music created by white people? If so, why is their skin tone such an important defining feature of the music?

I also contest the way you use the term "color blind racism". Race is a false concept. It's not biologically valid. It doesn't exist, except as a social construction, largely created to justify economic exploitation. It wrongly identifies skin tone with other biological phenomena that are in reality independent of skin tone. Some people use that fact to deny that there is such a thing as racism. Racism is a real thing, just as people really did have a prejudice against witches even though there weren't any. That deserves the name color blind racism. "I'm not racist and race doesn't exist so nobody experiences racism" is stupid color blindness. Believing that not everything a person does, such as create beautiful music, can be attributed to or identified with their skin tone, is not racist. Just the opposite, in fact.

millionrainbows said:
And that's why most members here like it.
If you are curious as to why your posts result in enmity in many members, look no further than vague, unsubstantiated accusations like this.
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