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1) What music is above grade 10?

Lots of very difficult pieces

2) Is grading used only for instructional purposes?

Yes. Basically it's a way of making sure that the student should be able to attempt the piece without too much trouble. No point in putting people off with something too difficult.

3) Are there rules for how to grade music?

Sort of. It follows on from your tutorial pattern. As you progress through scales and arpeggios and improve your speed then you can play more pieces more easily. As you work though pieces you pick up various techniques e.g. pedalling, slurs and so forth.

However, you will find skilled players get far more out of an intermediate piece than a student would e.g. look at various performances of Bach's 2 and 3 part inventions. These are intermediate grade pieces suitable for a student with three or four years experience but .. in the proper hands you can get so much more out of them.
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