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So I think some nationalism is good for growth...
Also nationalism spawned interesting developments in easten europe. Hungary and the Czech areas produced signifigant musical bodies of music. We even got Greig out of the whole thing :D , though not much else from the rest of Norway. I used to think of him as the "Bon bon" Debussy called him, but I appreciate him more after hearing a sonata by him recently.
However, I still wish something sometimes; that I could get an as in depth view of other countries music as I can my own. What might I be missing?
Yay for dredging up things from six years ago!
As a Norwegian, I do have to object to this. Grieg was far from the only Norwegian composer at the time, not even the only good one. But people only know about Grieg because he was the most famous. Composers like Johan Svendsen, Johan Halvorsen and Ole Olsen, all very good composers who were popular at the end of the 19th century. The problem is that Grieg was more famous.
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