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Canadian composers suck. They rate just behind Guatemala in popularity and quality stakes .
I'm surprised to read this. Would you say that Henry Brant 'sucks' as a composer? Or Robert Nathaniel Dett, José Evangelista, Robert Farnon, Jacques Hétu, Colin McPhee, Pierre Mercure, André Prévost, Godfrey Ridout, R Murray Schafer, Harry Somers or Ann Southam? I have heard fine music from all these composers. A little unfair to say all Canadian composers are no good.

Another mystey to me is the complete disappearance of good national composers in britain between around 1690 to 1890. It was handel or... a different peice by handel. Or the beggars opera.
You seem prone to slide into generalisations. What about composers such as:

William Crotch
John Field (yes, Irish, but Ireland was part of Britain in the 18th century)
Alexander Mackenzie
Samuel Wesley (known as the 'English Mozart in his time)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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