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Must-know classical pieces for a basic education?

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Hi! I would like to take advantage of the visibility of my YT channel for education purposes and compile a list of must-know pieces of classical music that even the average person willing to have a basic general education MUST KNOW the details of, such as at least the correct name and the composer, also considering that many people can hum famous tunes but knows nothing about them...
As an example I thought you can't be ignorant about Beethoven's 5th of course, nor you can ignore Mozart's requiem; I'd like not to repeat the same composer twice so I think these two entries will remain as such, so if you have in mind any particular tune you consider that important pls let me know! I've already have a sketch of the rest of the list actually but I'd like to confront with other people ideas to see if it can get any better.
(1- The list should not exceed 10 anyway. 2 - Believe me: most people would know the fifth's main motive and perhaps that it's from Beethoven but nothing more...)
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I agree with you but I can't do hundreds of videos ahah
Yes you can. Plenty of folks with Youtube channels have hundreds of videos.
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