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my bands first song

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i got a guitar for christmas so hadnt been playiing piano much but got basic scales memorized and finally got my fingers strong enuf to play the notes well.
trying 2 write some songs together with my friends after school and kinda improvised a bit with some scales and we came up with this song

my dads phone was almost dead so we had to do it in one take, which kinda sucked but i think it turned out pretty well overall, our bass player had 2 many wine coolers and zoned out half way into it lol

LMK what you guys think
-should we get rid of the halloweeny sounding stuff in the middle?
-is the guitar solo too quiet in the mix?
-i swear the rhythm is doing some like 17/16 time signature while everything else is in 4/4? again, too many wine coolers

make sure you listen on descent headphones or speakers bkuz its not gonna sound any good on laptop or phone : /
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thanks, haha yeah thats me. i write a lot of stuff but none of it is really pop worthy : /
and i thought guitar would be better, but i guess this isnt really girl music, idk if theres even a market for that genre

both guitar parts are me, i just recorded the one part then looped it and did the lead over it
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thanks man i really appreciate it. do you think it is metal, tho? or is it kinda like some avante garde bastardization lol
oh cool, maybe i should listen to more kreator haha. i like the one by them about society failing to tollerate him so he fails to tollerate society, i feel like i really identify with that.

thanks again for the kind words, do you guys have any tips or things i should improve melodically or otherwise?
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