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I am about to self-publish a book on The book is titled VERDI'S "RIGOLETTO": A SELECT DISCOGRAPHY WITH COMMENTARY. The official publication date is April 26th, but the Kindle version of the book is going up for pre-order within the next couple days. When the Kindle is officially available for pre-order, I wil come back here and post the Amazon link; I will keep updating this post between now and the 26th, when the paperback becomes available.

VERDI'S "RIGOLETTO": A SELECT DISCOGRAPHY WITH COMMENTARY contains detailed reviews of the best or most interesting audio and video recordings of RIGOLETTO made between the years 1945 and 2016. There is also an Appendix section where I compare various singers in three of the opera's arias, and where I discuss a couple RIGOLETTO-related films, including the 2012 movie QUARTET.

Basically, the book is a celebration of Verdi's opera via recordings. It is 163 pages long, and its illustrations include Renaissance-themed paintings.

Like I said, I'll keep updating this post; I just wanted to inform everyone as I am trying to create interest in my book.

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