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My New Violin!

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Hey, I finally got my new violin. It was made by Santaro Lucci. It has a beautifully flamed back. I'll try to find a digital camera in the junk piled in my room and put a few shots of it up. It is the most beautiful violin I've ever seen! :rolleyes:
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I think a bow can make a great difference, but $2000 bows are out of my league! I have a $25 bow and one appraised at $170. I'm even thinking about buying one for about $300, but that doesn't come anywhere near $2000!

If I were to spend that kind of $$ on a bow, I know I'd try out a lot of bows first!
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I think in another post you said you're getting the bow, right? You may already thought of this, but get a good bow case and don't take it to school except for performances! Guessing by your age, you're probably heading out to college pretty soon. At many colleges, a fair amount of students steal instruments and take them in to pawn shops. I can think of at least 3 friends and acquaintances that had that happen when we were in school. If you're lucky, you find it in a pawn shop and buy it back. One of them found their instrument, as far as I know, the rest did not. :eek:
That sounds like a great name for a violin!
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