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My New Violin!

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Hey, I finally got my new violin. It was made by Santaro Lucci. It has a beautifully flamed back. I'll try to find a digital camera in the junk piled in my room and put a few shots of it up. It is the most beautiful violin I've ever seen! :rolleyes:
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...I'm not near good enough to need a really good bow...but my viola bow was $300...and I just love it...:wub: two ~ $250 violin bows are quite nice too...and even my less expensive (but good quality) brazilwood bow is quite playable...

...but now I'm spoiled...I can't go back to the $40 model I was using before...'ll just be spoiled rotten...;)'s lovely! How does it sound? And have you named it yet? :D
...I was thinking about your bow too...although $2000 is a large amount of's not really for a good bow...but I'd make sure that the bow was right for me before shelling out that much...just because it's expensive doesn't mean you'll do well with it on that particular violin....

...but if it's 'the' bow for you...your teacher might be amenable to taking your last $50 as a down payment...and then taking monthly payments until it's paid off...

...just food for thought...;)
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1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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