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My New Violin!

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Hey, I finally got my new violin. It was made by Santaro Lucci. It has a beautifully flamed back. I'll try to find a digital camera in the junk piled in my room and put a few shots of it up. It is the most beautiful violin I've ever seen! :rolleyes:
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U got me excited there! Show us ye new baby! :)
Have u tried her bow? Is it superb?
If u really like it, maybe u can ask her to cut down the $ a little... since yr her student...:p
Is it necessary to use such a good bow? Of caz, the difference is huge. I don't know. :unsure: But I never believe in using costly bows to produce good sound.. :unsure:
What u guys think?
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1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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