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I heard this one piece of classical music on a playlist and I cannot seem to find it again for the life of me.

I would really like to hear it again. I can only describe it, as I have no idea how else to find. I'm calling it an Epic Processional.

It had a big sound, not too fast in tempo, sounding like a gradual march, with deep strings thrumming loudly. I think I heard it on one of those "you're the villain"-type playlists on YouTube. It was darker in tone, so it's not one those bright wedding processionals. In fact, the imagery that came to mind when hearing it was something like the villain just crowned himself emperor of the world, and in his triumph marches down from his throne in full resplendent regalia; his victory consummate and foreboding, but also awesome.

This description is probably not very helpful, but I can't think of any other way to convey the idea. I've scanned through so many playlists, and there's many well-known songs that seem similar but aren't quite it; so it might not be one of those super overplayed ones that are on all those playlists (i.e. lacrimosa, Swan lake op. 20 act II, Devil's trill, and so on).

Anyway, I would appreciate if people could send suggestions of pretty much any classical piece that gets after this idea. I'm hoping I'll find the right one eventually. Also, I just like music like this, so I wouldn't mind hearing anything new you can throw my way.
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