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New Piece

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Hi all,

Since I mostly do electronic music work, I thought it might be silly to share another composition here, but the instruments I use were traditional classical instruments, for the most part, and, well, I tried to stop myself a couple of times for fear of ridicule, yet I am back. I grew up on classical music. My interests vary from Mozart to Wagner to Satie. Pretty much any composer I listened to I learned to gain an appreciation for. I am almost 40 years old, and music is a part of my everyday life, listening and composing. Well, here is my composition. I am ready for the good, the bad, and the ugly criticism if you are willing.

Billy McBride
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Hi Billy,

I can't believe no one has commented since 2011. I think you have some pretty brilliant moments there. About 30:00 I liked what you did. Reminded me of early Vangelis a bit, but with your own twist.

Thanks for sharing.
Original post is from 2014 and perhaps...( just guessing )nobody want to hurt other people feelings.;)
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