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This forum, like most others, is simply put, a database of information. Within this are database tables where various entered information is stored. There are many database tables and it may take an unspecified amount of time for all those tables to talk to each other and update as required.

The vBulletin software runs and/or rebuilds database tables on a random schedule ... If the TC server is busy there might be a delay ... if the hosting service server(s) is(are) busy that could effect processing times.

Periodically I have to manually run a table update after making some particular setting changes or permission changes. It's all part of my daily routine here.

There is a forum software update coming in the future - I do not know when this will occur, so we keep putting bandages here and there to stop the 1's and 0's from oozing out onto the floor.

Things also go bump in the night too. We've had a major glitch for months that, somehow, without any intervention, went away. My only explanation is that a stray stream of binary code finally found its way home ... :rolleyes:.
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