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The whole download thing doesn't work for me because I'm too aware of the poor quality of MP3 at anything below 256. As for ipod - I don't know whether that's mp3 or some other format but it's fairly horrid to listen to. I borrowed an ipod for a few weeks, had to convert CDs via my computer to store them in this player (it has no codec/translation of its own). I also borrowed a minidisc Atrac3 or something - that was better but in ideal conditions the reduced quality is still noticeable. (I'd LOVE to be able to use this gadgetry as I do a lot of travelling.)

However, things are moving at a pace such that newcomers will soon know classical music ONLY from these media - ie they won't know any different, so those goodly far-easten experts at managing people's expectations down will have 'won'. All they're in it for is profit - not your musical pleasure...only the gullible would think otherwise from the hype they use!

I think this portable fidelity would probably be ok for listening while travelling (some sort of conpression routine would be a good idea - very anti-what-the-CD-was-about but there ARE circumstances!) But for listening, relaxed, eyes closed, trying to visualise being at a concert/opera-house...uh, no. Of course, you can always convert CDs to higher quality MP3 and store masses more on a CD than red-book CD format.

As for bringing classical music into "our busy lives".... I reckon people make themselves hyperbusy to give them a feeling of self-importance! Would they benefit by setting aside a couple of hours per day just to get away from what keeps us busy, and to heck with the system! I get the idea that most people have painted themselves into a corner here - now they can't escape "being busy"!

Still, as long as people are willing to buy music this way, the merchants will going on selling it.
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