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I first saw these guys about a month ago, and only first ever heard of them a few weeks before that.

They are a Naxos recording orchestra, who also do tours, giving workshops wherever they turn up. When I saw them, they'd been teaching the members of the local music centre about improvisation and gypsy styles of music.

We hear a number of pieces, some well known (eine kleine nachtmusik) also some others i hadn't heard of, and by composers i didn't know, although i realise that has more to do with my naivety than with anything else.

All i can say is that it was perfect. Every single one of them played with a skill and tone that I've never heard before. As they are nearly all principals of their respective sections in other major orchestras, they are all incredibly talented, and Nicholas Ward (director and violin soloist) played very nearly perfectly.

Highly recommended
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