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I saw this thread earlier but decided to ignore it. It tends to attract some folk who don't really like conventional classical music but who like Frank Zappa and who think the rest of us are fuddy-duddies for not liking him. Such discussion can get quite disruptive, and lead to big arguments! I'm only entering this discussion because "rojo" has commented.

Five points:

  1. As "rojo" says, it's most likely that the only folk who would appreciate Frank Zappa as a possible classical composer are those who started out as fans of his rock music. I can't see many people whose primary interest is in conventional classical music embracing him as a serious classical music composer.
  2. On this side of the Atlantic, he was never regarded that highly as a rock performer. Even in North America, I don't he ever enjoyed super-star rock status. This is not my assessment but is the opinion of those on another music forum, where there are literally thousands of rock and other music fans who spend all their time discussing and ranking different musical artists. Frank Zappa comes out about rank 50 in the top 100 rock performers, which thus indicates only moderate to good ranking, not an outstanding one. In the UK, his ranking would be lower than this, as the forum I am referring to has a clear USA bias.
  3. I have listened to samples of his more alleged classical pretensions (on Amazon) and it doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Zorn's is of even less interest. I bet most of the posters on here would not care much for it. Try it. Go to Amazon and try a few samples. You'll soon get the flavour. It actually grates on my nerves.
  4. Moreover, I have never, ever heard any classical radio stations play any Zappa/Zorn music.
  5. I really don't think this topic is properly located in the classical section. It's more suited to the non-classical department under possibly a rock/classical fusion thread.

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