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Opera choruses - your favorites! Post it here

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It struck me the fact that when we speak and think about opera we first think about arias, duos, trios, etc, about our dearest soloist singers, primas, etc but CORO is such an indispensable part of any opera at least traditional opera ( well, now no talk about singspiel and other different types;))

and I find them wonderful, in many operas they play different functions from commenting the action to being a moving engine of very same action. It's very interesting if we think about chorus as a character of opera - non-personified character ( not in a sense of how many characters are in a chorus, but in a pure sense of chorus itself as being a character of an opera as such ).

well, your comments and your favorite choruses from operas or may be operas you are listening now are welcome:)
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Romeo et Juliette
Faust (not the Soldier's Chorus)
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For operatic chorus lovers I recommend Boito's Mefistofele which has many great scenes. II saw a performance this year in Prague where the chorus (and audience) clearly loved their work and got more applause than the soloists. The Juhe chorus is such a joy.
I am green with envy. In my lifetime I believe I will never get to see the one opera I wanted to see more than any other but I doubt the Met will ever actually stage it again.
Time's too short for me.
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