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The Passion of St. Matthew is my favourite. I quite like the Das Lied von der Erde in the stereo version too, and the Zauberflöte.

There is an interesting Beethoven 4th Concerto with Novaes as well; they seem to have done that work twice, the two recordings being different from each other. The one with an unusually fast 2nd movement is worth hearing, exemplifying how he generally had a much livelier musical style say before 1960 or so. It wasn´t EMI though, I think. Another example is the Decca Mahler 2nd.
Unfortunately those early recordings often have poor sound and not very well-integrated orchestral playing.

Personally I´m less keen on most of his EMI orchestral recordings. I kept the Bruckner 4+6, the Beethoven concerti with Barenboim, Ein Deutsches Requiem, and a few more of those too, though - in order to have some samples.
1 - 1 of 81 Posts
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