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"The Great Violinists" - Finals - Choose up to 8 selections...

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Heifetz only missed out on making the Finals by 3 points - You can blame Shaughnessy for that - He gave Nicola Benedetti almost 30 points - 10 times as many as he gave Heifetz.

I'm thinking of banning Shaughnessy - He just won't take the game seriously - He freely admitted that "good looks means more than talent" - several times - and he said it without a trace or even a hint of shame - In fact, he laughed - He thought it was hilarious...

Exhibit A on why Jascha Heifetz didn't make it to the Finals - Thanks for nothing, Shaughnessy... sigh... Idiot...
I think that in the quarterfinals and semifinals, a lot of people were invested in making sure that personal favorites made the cut. That was certainly a factor in my voting. I assumed in the semifinal that Heifetz would have no trouble making the cut, so I didn't vote for him early on, and didn't start voting for him until I noticed that he was in danger of elimination.
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