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Hey everyone! My name is Aaron Neuhaus. I'm a piano instructor in Summerville, SC and have played piano for over 20 years. I teach locally here in Summerville, traveling to my students homes to give in-person lessons. Recently, I've recorded an online course where I video myself explaining everything that I teach to my students in person, except online. Here's a brief summary of what I'm covering in the mini-course (which is called Practicing Mini-Course: 23 Ways to Make Faster Progress with the Piano):

- How to Make Faster Progress in your Practice Sessions
- What is the Best Way to Practice
- How to Best Split Your Practice Sessions Between Scales and Chords and Working on Songs
- How to Find the Time, Energy, and Motivation to Practice After a Long Day of Work
- How Slow or Fast you Should Be Practicing a Song at
- How to Avoid the Temptation of Practicing Too Fast
- Whether It's Normal to Take a Break from the Piano for a While

These are some of things I'll be discussing. If you want to see the full outline I put together, you can find it here:

I'm looking to guage interest in the mini-course for other potential piano lessons in the future. I really want to make sure this and future courses are great, so if you are interested and decide to purchase it, I'll probably be asking for feedback on how it could be improved. Keep in mind though that I'm not an expert with editing, so the video quality of the course probably won't be great at first, but my hope is that the content and information is out of this world. Thanks guys!

Aaron Neuhaus
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