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I'm recommending a 21-minute piece so Waehnen won't fall asleep.

If he falls into anything - it will be autumn: Autumn Sonata (1993) for Bass Clarinet & Orchestra.
It's composer - Thea Musgrave - is a Scot transplanted into U.S.A. since 1972.

No detailed reasons here as to why I selected this opus - other than I feel we should all hear as many concerti for bass clarinet as possible before we die (we don't get too many of these).

You can read more colorful emancipated stuff herein: Autumn Sonata - Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra | Thea Musgrave - Wise Music Classical

YouTube split its movements into seperate video clips; so here is part I

I apologize for the digital stereo - this work doesn't have any desirable vintage archive recordings in scratchy-sounding mono.

[afterwards, if you have time, you can watch Ingmar Bergman's 1978 film Autumn Sonata with Ingrid Bergman.]
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