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Recommendation similar works

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When someone posts music, other members need to recommend more similar works.
Use tags (in headline): need recommendation and recommendation (for members that gave recommendations); in this way we can distinct one from another.

Recommendation "asker" needs to write a name of "reference" work and to explain what kind of similar music is needed. Use tags for types of music!

Lets start.


Wojciech Kilar - Agnus Dei

I want works with similar angelic chorus (male+female) and solo voices. It needs to be mysterious, profound, divine and not too churchy if you know what I mean.
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Is there anything similar in the realms of classical music? Angelic chorus, strange eastern ancient instrument, regular orchestra...
If you drop the need for 'strange eastern ancient instrument' then you will get a lot more recommendations...
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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