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I'm often at odds with normally like minded individuals on this topic (Looking directly at you Woodduck!). All my preferences for repeats are taken on a case by case, and sometimes movement by movement basis. To me, the repeat in Schubert 9, Mvt 1 is essential but the same in Mvt 3 is unnecessary and redundant. Schubert SQ 14 is just not the same without the repeats but Beethoven 9, Mvt 2 sounds like the conductor lost his page and decided to simply start the movement from the beginning.
I'm looking directly back at you, scratchgolf, but I haven't the foggiest what you're referring to!

That said, I just listened to Beethoven's Eroica today, and Herr von Karajan omitted the exposition repeat in the first movement. I felt instantly cheated, discombobulated even; it may be a long movement, bit it's so rich in material that the repeat performs an essential solidifying function, and is absolutely necessary to balance the epic development and the further development in the coda. Length in Beethoven is not prolixity. Schubert, now... Case by case!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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