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Taking into account his history of substance abuse and subsequent bouts of bad health The Croz did mighty well to get as far down the line as he did, but still it's sad news. He could be on his own admission a total jerk too used to getting his own way in his privileged Los Angeles playground but I admired his candour when talking about himself and others and had a neat line in subtle self-deprecation, especially about that awful period in his life when he sank into freebasing hell followed by the misery of his subsequent jail sentence. Apparently when he was being wheeled into the operating theatre to have his new liver plumbed in he sang Amazing Grace at the top of his voice as he wasn't sure that he was going to wake up again.

As David managed to make peace with himself I hope that he also in the end managed to make peace with the various fellow bandmembers he fell out with, especially those he was hitherto close to.
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