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For going on years now, I've devoted one guitar -- an Alvarez RD20CU -- to strings permanently tuned to EBDGAD, a tuning which makes it possible to play "Guinnevere", one of the most profoundly beautiful songs of the modern rock era, a song written by David Crosby and the piece to which I turned tonight upon hearing of the song meister's death. The song plays as I type -- plays now for the umpteenth time: track 4 of Side B of the Crosby Stills Nash and Young album titled So Far. This is the limited edition white vinyl 45th Anniversary release (on Atlantic RCV1 18100), a recording so pristine in sound that it invites the musicians right into your listening room to play live. So ... not to be rude, since David Crosby is here, singing and playing, I will step aside.
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