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Rosa Ponselle anecdotes about Toscanini, Martinelli and Gigli vs Caruso

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This is an excerpt from the James A. Drake's interview with Rosa Ponselle

She's being asked about conductors of her time

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Ponselle on Martinelli's "technical insecurity". (Don't worry Ponselle adores Martinelli and enjoys singing with him. This is not done out of ill-will. Check the source below)

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And Caruso or Gigli?

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That makes sense with Martinelli. I noticed a similar problem in Milanov who could make such gorgeous tones when singing long drawn-out phrases, but she often sounded like a parrot squawking on quick, stacatto notes such as exclamations where she couldn't spin her sound.
Ponselle was a very emotional singer. She retired shortly from The Met after she lost a fatherly general manager who coddled and took care of her.
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