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Round One: Don Carlo- Tu Che La Vanita:Stoyanova and Yoncheva

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Congrats of knocking out 3 final rounds so quickly with some surprising results. I looked at the French version of this aria but it was all more modern singers and i am doing two big ones with the Italian version today.
Don Carlo: Tu che la vanita · Krassimira Stoyanova Verdi: Arias
Don Carlo, Act IV, Scene 1: Tu che le vanità ... Francia, nobile suol · Sonya Yoncheva · Giuseppe Verdi · Massimo Zanetti · Münchner Rundfunkorchester
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Screamy top, wide vibrato-laden tone for Stoyanova throughout the range - is this late-career? Would probably sound OK in the house - the microphone exaggerates a singer’s faults. At least she has a lower register.

Yoncheva; this should’ve been just within her reach. She sounds as if she’s pushed her voice past her boundaries too early. Her registers sound out of whack. Even in quiet passages she sounds stressed, the emission tremulous, wobbly even without pushing.

Stoyanova, only by default.
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