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Who wins?

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I am sure I’ve seen Herlea’s name in some Golden Age Wagnerian cast list, or a Metropolitan Opera broadcast. He sounds fine without a Golden Age voice. He sings very beautifully, despite frequent aspirates (we must remember that it was perfectly acceptable for men to use that to move between notes).

Merrill is a known quantity, perhaps too well known , as we take him for granted. In 1961, the year of Corelli’s studio Trovatore, he would’ve been 44 years old, middle-age for the 20th Century, but young today; he was never an agile voice, but he should’ve been able to handle this aria, and he does, without aspirates (well, just a couple). And the voice is gorgeous.

Enkhbat is a new name to me, and for a modern singer, not too bad - despite the aspirates. the voice is liquid, decent legato. A nice, dark voice. He loses against Merrill for voice, and Herlea just generally, to my ears.
1 - 2 of 55 Posts