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Who is the best?

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This is between Stignani and Baltsa, with Stignani having the more imposing instrument and Baltsa delivering a touch more drama. Castagna is good (once she settles into the pitch at the start), but her voice seems to possess less declamatory bite. I loved her in the lyrical "Printemps qui commence" a while back, but not so much in this sterner material.

Had Stignani been as effective as Baltsa (or a number of other singers) in the Iago-esque mutterings of "nil..nil...", I'd choose her. But this is a theatrical requiem by an agnostic, and the more operatic the singing, the better. I see too that no one has yet picked Baltsa, so I'll let that decide my vote.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts