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Who sings this the best?

Round Two: In Fernem Land ( French) Thill, Franz

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Since every one seems to have already voted on the Samson aria I think we have time for a small contest before Shaughnessy posts on Sunday
Georges Thill sings the famous aria from Wagner's opera Lohengrin: "In Fernem Land" translated in french "Aux bords lointains". Recorded in 1931
Aux bords lointains (Lohengrin) · Paul Franz Lebendige Vergangenheit - Paul Franz
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Franz has some steady, solid points; Thill is resourceful and unique, as usual. I'd agree with Woodduck that there isn't much POETRY in either, but maybe the vocal writing doesn't allow for much. ... Volker, from 1927 or Bayreuth/1936 is very, darn GOOD, and thanks to Barbebleu for the Gedda version! Well, if you want BOTH strength and exceptional vocalism, plus a bit of poetry, one need go no further than the surpassing Melchior, especially 1943 (Met, w/Leinsdorf).
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