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Which should I listen to most?

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All my "totally random" polls so far have greatly interested, surprised, educated, and assisted me, so I continue to consult you! As always, the question is:

Of the recordings listed, which do you think should be the highest priorities for me as a listener?

Vote for as few or as many as you want.

You can vote for things based on your personal experience, what you've heard about them, what look most interesting to you, what you think would be most educational for me, whatever.

(Ssome recordings may have appeared on previous polls.)

And, truly, y'all have surprised me in one way or another on every single poll. It has been enlightening for me. So, thank you very much!

Here is the cover art for this round:

View attachment 65121

(I believe this counts as "fair use," not violating any copyrights.)

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21 and a loser's edition.
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