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What should I listen to most?

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Pleased and very surprised with the results of previous (1 2 3 4 totally random polls, I now begin a totally new totally random poll.

As always, the question is, of the recordings listed, which do you think should be the highest priorities for me as a listener?

You can see the cover art below, if you wish.

Same ol' same ol':

If you don't think I should have priorities, or that "should" has any place, or whatever, please feel free to vote for a recording on some other grounds, or anything! Perhaps we've got slightly more famous recordings this time, but still, I'd be very impressed and surprised if anyone has heard all of these recordings. You can vote for things based on your personal experience, your own wishes for yourself, what you've heard about them, whatever.

There is no good explanation or excuse for this poll (or its predecessors, or its successors should there be any). As before, this is not a very serious thing. It is not an attempt to discover the absolute truth about the objectively greatest whatever whatever whatever whatever. I'm just curious. I just want to put the question to the community here and see what the results are. It's nothing more than that.

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Definitely the Haydn symphonies, or Beethoven.
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