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Sexualisation of women in the classical music industry

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Time and time again people have certainly opined on the presentation of female performers, wether it be Yuja Wang's dress, Lara St. John's CD covers or Anne Sofie Mutter's pose (recently those violinists were pointed out in the worst cd covers thread). Each of these cases, according to different people, have come down to a general conclusion that sexist inclinations of today have influenced their physical appearance (on varying levels). Even on this site there have been debates as to modesty on stage, the importance of appearance, wether women should conduct an orchestra and so on, which all end up boiling down to the same (if not a similar) debate.

What say you, TC, on the topic of sexualisation of women in the classical music industry?
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^^^^ I agree, Brotagonist. It's natural to be drawn to good-looking artistes of either gender, but they should dress to be attractive rather than feel a pressure to promote themselves with raunchy attire and poses. It isn't in fact easy to say no when you want to put food on the table and fit in and have a career.
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It helps she isn't voluptuous...if she was then suddenly she would be sexualising herself.
No she wouldn't - her clothes, stance and expression are just 'normal'. As well as figure and revealing clothes, you need to pout and flaunt before you join the Merry Band of Sexualists - or so I'm told! :rolleyes:
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