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Sondheim's "Turandot" Will Be Staged in New York This Fall

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By Michael Paulson
March 16, 2023
Stephen Sondheim’s long-in-the-works Luis Buñuel musical, which he described as unfinished just days before his death, will be staged in New York this fall, giving audiences the chance to see the final show by one of the most important artists in musical theater history.

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I feel like I'm more intrigued by this because it's about Luis Bunuel, one of the best filmmakers ever (and one of my personal favorites), than because it's by Sondhiem, but I've never been much for musicals. For anyone that can read the NYTimes link beyond the paywall, does it say what Bunuel films it's based on? He was quite prolific...
Never mind, saw the second post. Guess it makes sense how he could transition from one to the other. Wonder how much of Bunuel's surrealist touches he'll keep.
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