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Song for a New Musical

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A recent composition of mine for a new school musical. The oboe part has the vocal line. Feedback welcome!!

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Wonderful! You have a lot of talent.
When I heard "school musical", I thought young student composer. As soon as I heard the piece, it dawned on me that anyone can write for a school musical. The music is sweet and keeps surprising us at every turn—it zigs when I expect a zag, but sounds completely cohesive. There's a lot of contrast in the orchestration, which is nice. It seems to develop a bit quicker than I would expect, but, of course, the entire piece isn't here. I'd like to hear more and with the lyrics.

Good job! I see you perform for musicals. Are you trying to break into composing for musicals or have you already finished composing some musicals somewhere?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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